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Posted by [email protected] on January 17, 2013 at 10:05 AM
Garri No Get Advert, But E Sell Pass Indomie 2)No Matter How Toms sell, ENo Go Sell Pass Slippers 3)If You Never Thief Meat From Pot B4, Then You MamaNo Sabbi Cook 4)A Girl Who Laffs @ Your dryJoke during a first date doesn't have transport money to get back Home 5)The only woman who knowswhere her man is every Night is a "Widow" 6)Bowen university is the only uni you find people kissing wif there both eyes wild open, so as not to get Caught..... 7)Say Hausa Man Poor, No mean say him NO fit afford tobuy Transitor Radio 8 )U cant kneel down to greetur parent but u can Kneel to give ur BF heads, una go explain 4 judgment day o 9)If the Alarm of a China fone cannot wake you up.....Forget it u r "DEAD" 10)To listen to CoolFM, just put ur radio in a Fridge 11)Is a small world no mean say u go trek from ur house reach malaysia o0 12) no matter how may viewsthese get moderator no go take am go front page. 13. he who laffs undastand the joke quick 14. A patient hunger go kill am 15. A bird in beta suya be dat 16. Pickin wey say him mama no go hospital him go find himself 16. A rolling person push am 17. What a child sees adult cannot see even if he climbs a tall tree

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