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Types of Functions

The mathematical concept of a function expresses the intuitive idea that one quantity completely determines another quantity. An equation will be a function if for any x in the domain of the equation, there is exactly one value of y. More formally, a function is defined a type of relation which has only one output value with respect any permissible input value. The argument and the value may ...

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Mr carter

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Garri No Get Advert, But E Sell Pass Indomie 2)No Matter How Toms sell, ENo Go Sell Pass Slippers 3)If You Never Thief Meat From Pot B4, Then You MamaNo Sabbi Cook 4)A Girl Who Laffs @ Your dryJoke during a first date doesn't have transport money to get back Home 5)The only woman who knowswhere her man is every Night is a "Widow" 6)Bowen university is the only uni you find people kissing wif there both eyes wild open, so as not to get Caught..... 7)Say Hausa Man Poor, No mean say him NO fi... Read Full Post »


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